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Shoveler Red kite Oystercatcher

This website is dedicated to my photography. I first got interested in nature when I lived in South Africa. My first passion was birds, something I have indulged in all over the world. Then this moved onto nature and wildlife in all their various forms.

I have been interested in photography for many years from prints to slides, but it has only been with digital that I have really increased my photographic work. I have mostly indulged my passion in the UK but I have also taken photos while in Tenerife, the US and Canada.

I first started with a small point and shoot Nikon E4500 but now I use a digital SLR, the Nikon D80, with various lenses depending on the subject. I have over 1400 photographs on this site at the moment with photos added all the time.

I make sure contrast, exposure and saturation is fine and then crop, making the images as natural as possible. The images marked 'new' were those added in the last 30 days, I try to update regularly so keep coming back to see new pictures.

Please have a look around the photography sections and enjoy!

David Plant


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